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Dawg’s IQ Challenge

Written By: dawg on May 20, 2009 2 Comments

Being new to Facebook, Dawg is still somewhat gullible and lacks the experience needed to ascertain fact from fiction and amusement from an advertizing scam. When first presented with a curious invitation to surpass my few Facebook friends in an IQ test, I stared at the screen with extreme interest. One of my friends, I was told, had “challenged me” to take this test to see if I could surpass his/her score. Sure enough, four of my friends were listed as having already completed the IQ test and their impressive results were right in front of my eyes.
But wait … Suddenly I am struck with a huge dilemma. What is the IQ of Dawg? What if Dawg takes the test and proves what everyone already knows … that Dawgs aren’t quite as bright as humans (at least on IQ tests). If Dawg scores an 83 on the test, can he prevent others from seeing the pathetic outcome, or is the failure now a permanent fixture for the entire Facebook world to see? As I ponder the decision, the drawbacks are now beginning to outweigh the benefits and I decide to forgo exposing my IQ to my dear friends.
A few days later, I login to Facebook and I am again confronted with the IQ test. Only this time, I am told that one of my friends has actually called me stupid. I wonder which “friend” decided to start using derogatory names? Hmm, out of the four friends listed, who would be so bold as to challenge me further with such an insult? Well, OK, it could be any one of my friends … or all of my friends. I’m not sure this Facebook thing is turning out to be a good idea. But one thing is certain … a lot of my friends are taking the IQ test.
As I look more closely at the results from these four friends, I am startled at a few of the individual scores from my “really smart” friends. Certainly this IQ test is based on scientific research and will result in an accurate evaluation. But something just doesn’t smell right to Dawg’s sensitive nose. Oh well, I shan’t worry about such details and again I talk myself out of suffering through the dreaded test and the potentially disastrous outcome.
Of course, at the next Facebook login, the IQ test appears, yet again, in front of my wary eyes. But now the keen Dawg instinct has emerged from my sluggish mind as I look at the latest 4 friends and IQs.

Dawg's IQ Test Challenge

Dawg's IQ Test Challenge

In the number 2 spot is my good friend Universidad Internacional (my Spanish immersion school) listed with an IQ of 126. Honestly, I thought Universidad’s score should be higher, since I met many brilliant people there. Did the school get all the students and professors together to take the IQ test? Or was a single person designated to take the IQ test on behalf of the entire school? Although I am a bit perplexed at first with these probing questions, I begin to realize that possibly the IQ test is a contrived marketing scam aimed at unsuspecting, naive minds like my own. Could these friends and IQ numbers be randomly selected and generated as a lie to convince Dawg to succumb to the temptations of this ridiculous challenge? Although it was a long journey, Dawg has come to the conclusion that his IQ shall remain “???”.

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2 Responses to “Dawg’s IQ Challenge”

  1. Judy says on: 24 May 2009 at 3:38 am

    No need for you to take the IQ test. My Facebook page says you’ve already scored a whopping 110. Sheesh, thought you might do a little better than that, since we’re related and all.

    Keep up the ramblings.

    • dawg says on: 24 May 2009 at 10:21 am

      What? And I thought the IQ Test was a load of dawg poo. I am so excited that this application has determined my IQ by osmosis and I have been registered in their database with a score that exceeds the expected 83. Dawg is so proud of his 110 score! Thanks for sharing that information Judy. But you might want to be careful about claiming something in common with the Dawg gene pool.

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