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Chancey’s Holy Grail

Written By: dawg on July 19, 2013 One Comment

Meet Chancey, the famous Boston Terrier mascot that adorns the header of the Rambling Dawg website.  After many years in Georgia, residing with previous owner Ed Dodd, Chancey travelled to Colorado in the belly of a jet airliner, where he made his new home.

Chancey Patrolling with Luci Rolling in the Foreground

Chancey Patrolling with Luci Rolling in Foreground

Undoubtedly, the favorite pastime of Chancey in Colorado was patrolling the back yard for squirrels. On more than one occasion, he was known to locate, apprehend and exterminate squirrels, sending them to meet their maker.  He filled his day with hours staring into the large trees, watching, waiting and hoping for the rare opportunity when an unsuspecting squirrel will make the grave mistake of remaining on the ground the few moments that it takes to achieve his next score.  Unfortunately, such electrifying experiences would ultimately result in a wet dunking with suds and warm water to remove the remnants of said squirrel decorating the white fur of Chancey’s neck.

To Chancey’s horrible dismay, his people abruptly moved to a new house three years ago.  It was a disturbing, gloomy wasteland, void of squirrel enticing trees.  In fact, the newly developed neighborhood in the Colorado plains had virtually no trees of sufficient size to attract any intelligent squirrel.  To the knowledge of his people, Chancey did not spot a solitary squirrel during these three years.  After a few depressing weeks in the new backyard, staring at the lone little dismal pine tree, Chancey simply gave up and resigned himself to the painful fact that his squirrel chasing adventures were over.  His only memory of this past life was a sad little squeaking toy that roughly resembled the living creatures that had entertained him all those years.

However, on this day Chancey’s luck would change.  Sitting inside, his people suddenly heard a loud chirping/squealing noise erupting from the back yard.  What could the commotion be, they wondered?  One notion was a catfight, while another was quarreling birds.  Chancey’s partner in crime, Luci, leapt from the sofa and tore through the doggy door.  His people, vastly slower than Luci, arose and hastened to the door.  OH MY GOSH, CHANCEY HAS A SQUIRREL exclaimed one of his people, as they made their way through the back door helpful resources.  Upon further inspection, as they approached the corner of the yard, Chancey had pinned down the Holy Grail of squirrels.  He surely had died and gone to heaven, as he repeatedly bounced, pounced, and tormented the largest squirrel his frantic eyes had ever seen.  In fact, the monster squirrel was identified by Chancey’s people as a terrified and certainly defenseless prairie dog.

The Holy Grail

The Holy Grail

Adrenaline pumping, one of his people grabbed Luci by the tail just before she touched the little varmint herself.  However, Chancey was already moving in for the kill, grabbing the critter around the neck in his huge, salivating canine jowls.  He ignored the commands from his people, instead focusing his attention on this monstrous intruder.  Naked without his collar, another one of his people attempted to grab him repeatedly by the nape of his neck and pull or push him away from the shocked little creature.  Eventually, his people subdued the wild beast and corralled him back into the house, stealing the only glory he had enjoyed in years.  Chancey’s people then nudged the frightened prey out of the yard with a broom handle, where it suddenly bolted across the street, most likely to encounter other neighborhood pets.

Surprisingly, blood on Chancey’s white fur indicated that prairie dogs have sharp teeth and will actually use them for defense when cornered by a drooling dingo.  Luckily for Chancey, his shots were up to date.  However, that did not prevent him from suffering through the immediate bath to disinfect the puncture wound he sustained.  All considered, it was a magnificent day for Chancey, well worth the punishing wash and antibiotic he must now take.

Meanwhile, Chancey’s people speculate on how the ill-advised prairie dog entered the 6-foot privacy fence surrounding the back yard.  One of his people suspected a hawk had picked up it’s next feast and then accidentally dropped it at Chancey’s paws.  Another of his people soon began searching for holes under or through the fence.  However, no such hole was found large enough for passage of the chubby little animal.  Later, a Google search shed possible light on the situation … the search phrase “can prairie dogs climb” revealed a youtube video showing a prairie dog caught in the act.  Whatever the case, Chancey’s prayers were realized on this day, as someone from heaven (could it be Ed Dodd) dropped the holy grail into his lonely world.

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One Response to “Chancey’s Holy Grail”

  1. Lois Settles says on: 20 July 2015 at 11:35 am

    Clever. Poor Chancey.

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