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Day 3 – You Can’t Fight Island Time

Adventures in Saint Martin – April 2007

I was up late again at 7:00 AM, took a short walk on the beach and then awakened the ladies at their requested time, so we could be shopping in Philipsburg at 9:00. Showers, makeup, breakfast, traffic and viola, we were standing on Front Street in Philipsburg at 11:15. […]

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Day 2 – The Saddest Little Car on the Planet

Adventures in Saint Martin – April 2007

We decided to sleep in, considering the late arrival the previous night, so I was up at a very late 6:45 AM. I quickly took my first glimpse of the ocean from our balcony and then decided to take a stroll on the beach, while Madam Luvely and Miss […]

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Dawg’s IQ Challenge

Being new to Facebook, Dawg is still somewhat gullible and lacks the experience needed to ascertain fact from fiction and amusement from an advertizing scam. When first presented with a curious invitation to surpass my few Facebook friends in an IQ test, I stared at the screen with extreme interest. One of my […]

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The Airport Fiasco!

Adventures in Los Cabos – February 2009
We arrived (Dawg and wife, Señora Luvely) at Denver International Airport and had just made our way through security to the terminal. As I was leaving the men’s room, Señora Luvely approached me and said “did you hear them page us over the intercom?” Now worried, we arrived at […]

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Adventures in Saint Martin – April 2007

We awakened excitedly at 4:45 to the expected 15 hour travel time from our front door in to the hotel. I checked the flights online and to our horror, […]

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Welcome to The Rambling Dawg blog.  The place where Dawg hopes to have you rolling on the floor with laughter, in awe over his infinite wisdom, and in tears with touching accounts of incredible love, sacrifice and devotion to humanity! Well … since I am rather deficient in the wisdom category and, as my name […]

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